CURE-PLaN’s Principle Investigators and consultants

On November 2, 2018 the Principle Investigators of CURE-PLaN had their Preparative Kickoff meeting kindly hosted by the Cardiologhy department of AUMC (location AMC).

One of the first steps is to develop a more detailed workplan according to the granted Leducq proposal. This will be done before January 1st 2019 when this Transatlantic Leducq Network CURE-PLaN officially starts!

Our special thanks goes to Prof. Arthur Wilde and his staff for organising a splendid venue which really accomodated scientific exchange.


Also, in collaboration with the PLN foundationm, an inventory of PLN research resources will be made, which can be found here:

Anyone that wants to join the PLN research  area is invited to contribute to this overview. Please contact us!