On November 2, 2018 the first PLN Research day took place at the AMC in Amsterdam. 50 attendees exchanged results and views on future research plans.

Pieter Glijnis from the PLN research foundation explained why patients are in a hurry. His moving speech set the tone for a moving and inspiring afternoon.


  • Opening Pieter Glijnis (PLN Foundation)
  • KEY NOTE – CURE-PLaN – goals and strategies Pieter Doevendans (UMC Utrecht)
  • PLN Patient database Arthur Wilde (AUMC, Amsterdam)
  • CURE-PLaN – cell models – Options for iPS cells and hECT, characteristics, locations Mark Mercola (Stanford, US)
  • Mouse model Groningen – characteristics, first results Rudolf de Boer (UMC Groningen)
  • Mouse model New York – characteristics, first results Roger Hajjar (Mount Sinai, NY, US)
  • Zebrafish model – characteristics, first results Chantal van Opbergen (UMC Utrecht)
  • KEY NOTE – PLN: The Heart of the Matter Litsa Kranias (Univ. Cincinnati, US)
  • Overview of PLN research world wide Irene Kinderman (PLN Foundation)

In the last presentation Irene showed the starting point of a global overview of resources for PLN research which can be found here: https://www.cure-plan.online/resources/

Anyone that wants to join the PLN research  area is invited to contribute to this overview. Please contact us!